1:1 The Need To Discuss Christianity

There are two main reasons why you should be concerned about, and unsupportive of, Christianity.


It makes a virtue out of basing real world decisions on false claims from its fictional stories.


Its stories, for the most part, preach disturbingly immoral messages and lessons.

More than a religion or belief..

Christianity usually gets brushed off as "just another religion." Religions, after all, are essentially harmless and bring joy or inspiration to many. Christianity is however more than just a religion, it is also collection of claims about the world we live in. Some religions make suggestions while religions like Christianity also makes claims. Christianity is also more than just a matter of personal beliefs. People are entitled to their own opinions and we should respect everyone's personal beliefs but there is a difference between opinions or believing something could be true and actually claiming it is true or acting as if it is factual. 


Can we all agree
that it's important to distinguish the difference between reality and fiction?

Good, now lets look at some examples of harm that stems from mistaking Christianity for reality.

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If you believe Christianity is true...

If you are a Christian I must first say "thank you" for giving a moment of your time. As a Christian it can be difficult to even consider the possibility of Christianity being anything but absolute truth. That is very understandable, so for the sakes making sure we are all on the same page imagine if another fictional story was being treated by a large group of people as factual.

Imagine if people would only voted for a presidential candidate who said they believed in the existence of Luke Skywalker and held Darth Vader or the "dark side of the force" accountable for everything that goes wrong. Imagine if a large percentage of the world became convinced that everything stated in the Harry Potter books were absolute truth. If they were convinced that the use of magic was a logical solution in time sensitive emergencies. Imagine if people were also convinced they could obtain eternal life if they created enough horcruxes which, according to the Harry Potter books, requires the murdering of others. You may laugh at these examples but you can understand that it would be no laughing matter if these were actual situations.