How To Get Involved

Want to help share your knowledge and build awareness of your concerns related to Christianity?

vocal atheists

Be Vocal

A voice only has meaning if it is heard. Be vocal, let people know about the concerns and falsehoods with Christianity. Reply to your friends’ religious posts and emails with positive and polite criticism. Engage in a dialog with people you know, sharing your knowledge and the reasoning behind it while encouraging questioning.

active atheists


There are many ways you can promote awareness of issues related to Christianity. Start an atheist blog or youtube video-blog to share your thoughts. Post related graphics on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or share links to sites like this one. You can also reach out with others by joining an atheist/humanist group on or your school campus.

atheist truck

Stand Out

The more people noticeably showing concern the more likely other people will listen. Wear a shirt or put a sticker on your car supporting your non-theistic self. This is a great conversation starter, lets other non-theists know that they are not alone, and can inspire the Christians who are skeptical and sitting on the fence.