About Truth-Saves


Truth-Saves originated as a means for the sharing of research and knowledge. I first started studying Christianity in 2006, at age 27, when wanting to learn more about the buzz over Intelligent Design and evolution. After learning that none of the ID claims were valid I decided to see what motivated ID proponents to make such blatantly (when researched) dishonest claims. From there I continued to research about other conflicts fueled by Christianity and the religion itself. Since then I built this website as a means to share the knowledge gained from my constant and continuous research because it became apparent that most people, particularly Christians, are not aware of such information. Read why discussing Christianity is so important.


What is truth?

Truth is defined as conformity with fact or reality. What is defined as truth is based on evidence and not personal opinions, traditions, or authority. It’s what ALL current and available evidence as a whole dictates, not what a narrow selection points to.

And yes, we could all be living in a computer program, but until the evidence suggests that one would not consider The Matrix as truth.

Why religion?

This site is only against the social acceptance of basing real-world decisions on false claims from fictional stories, which Christianity encourages and is centered around. Religion is simply something it hides behind and not the actual issue.

Why the focus on Christianity?

There are three major dogmatic systems causing serious issues that need immediate attention: Christianity, Islam, and the government of North Korea. This site focuses on Christianity because people have no right standing up to other dogmatic systems until they first stand up to the one in their own backyard.

Why are there no comments or forum on this site?

Forums and comments take a lot of manpower to maintain and quite honestly I don’t have the time to moderate such thing. Besides, T:S isn’t a place designed for discussions. It is just a tool to help you start discussions, with yourself or others, in the forum of your choosing.

How much money does T:S make?

No money is made by this site. The cost of hosting this site comes out of my own pocket and there is no reimbursement for the time spent making this site.  There is an old T:S store on Zazzle.com, as a means to offer shirts for people, but I do not collect any money from them. The prices there are as low as possible to cover Zazzle’s required fees.

Is T:S biased?

This site may appear biased because it only focused on topics that are typically not discussed by the general public but the site is not biased and there is no hidden agenda. There is nothing gained here financially or emotionally. The only reason this site exists is to help others by providing them the knowledge needed to make their own honest conclusions.