Everything You Need to Know AboutScripture vs Tradition

Not all traditions that have become commonplace in Christianity are from the Bible, and some are even forbidden by the Bible.

1666 is not found in scripture, the number is 616.

616 666

The manuscript modern scripture is based on was incomplete. There was a hole between the two 6’s, so man just guessed the 2nd digit was a 6 too. We now know the number is actually 616, thanks to older copies of Revelation discovered just outside of Oxyrhynchus in 2005. This is a reference to Emperor Caligula of the Roman Empire, the non-Christian ruling power in the world at the time. For the record, Revelation is not a prediction of an apocalypse, it’s a political criticism of the Roman empire. Caligula’s name is coded for obvious reasons, it is after all criticism against the empire.

2Most Christmas traditions are specifically forbidden by the Bible.

Christmas tree

The pagan holiday that was renamed to “Christmas” was based upon various winter celebrations, celebrated for thousands of years before Christianity. Decorated trees, wreaths, Yule logs, and decking the halls are all pagan traditions. In the Bible’s god is constantly against the practice of pagan traditions, which is why in Jeremiah 10 he specifically tells you no to do these “Christmas” traditions.

3Christians are told to pray in private, not in public.

Christians praying

Just before the Lord’s prayer, in Matthew 6, we are told that if you pray in churches or in street then you are a hypocrite and heathen. Christians are told specifically that when you pray, do so in private behind closed doors.

4The Bible forbids you from getting tattoos.

Christian tattoo

It’s become popular for Christians to get tattoos of crosses or the Jesus fish, some even get full murals of Jesus himself. This tradition though is strictly forbidden by God in Leviticus 19:28, “Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the Lord.”

5Saturday is the Sabbath, the day of rest, not Sunday.

day of rest

There is a reason why Jewish people celebrate the Sabbath on Saturdays, because that’s the day the Sabbath is. So why do Christians now celebrate the Sabbath on Sundays? This change of tradition did not occur until Emperor Constantine declared it at the council of Nicaea. When Constantine adopted Christianity as Rome’s new official religion it was mixed with local pagan traditions to make it more addaptable for non-Christians. Since Sundays, the pagan day for worshiping sun gods, was already a Roman holy day, Constantine changed Christianity’s holy day from Saturdays to Sundays.


Christianity is not a religion based on scripture or the “word of God” anymore, it is based on culture and traditions. The religion has been altered to fit the lives of its followers, who don’t want to alter their lives to fit scripture.