2:3 Jesus Christ

Many believe Jesus Christ
was a real person, why?

Despite the convincing cases presented by apologists there hasn't been any historical evidence to even suggest he existed. History only suggests that some stories about him, in the gospels, were influenced by legends of a real person or persons.

For the moment, I ask that you just consider the possibility that Jesus wasn't actually a historical figure. Lets take a look at the three topics below then examine the most popular reasons people believe.

Paul the Apostle

Jesus Started With Paul

It is clear from a comparison of history and Paul's writings that Jesus didn't start as legends based on a real person, he started as a story based on scriptures and Paul's imagination. History shows us no mentioning or awareness of Jesus, prior to Paul, and that all later stories of Jesus are derived from areas where Paul made his stories known. Paul tells us in his writings that his knowledge of Jesus is based on his interpretation of scripture and not from another person. He also tells us that no one, aside from those who also gained their knowledge from scripture, knew of the events related to Jesus until he personally shared the story with the public.

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What a minute.
Isn't the "Jesus Myth Theory" widely discarded?

Whether or not you think the notion that "Jesus is a fictional character" is widely discarded is beside the point. The claim that "a lot of people say this" holds no meaning unless you know why they say what they say. As with everything, please take time to look at the evidence yourself and draw your own conclusions.

The point that holds real significance here is whether or not there's any evidence to suggest that Jesus did exist. More specifically, do those reasons hold up to additional research? This is something we'll discover at the bottom of this page.

  Disagreements In the Gospels

Disagreements In the Gospels

Even though the gospels were not written independently of each other they still contain various discrepancy. Many contradictions are related to simple details such as the color Jesus' robe. Other contradictions are more dramatic such as Luke and Matthew placing the story of Jesus' birth during two separate historical events that are 10 years apart. It is these sort of major discrepancies that we would not see in historical documentations of a real person and exactly what we would expect to see if the stories are just re-tellings of legends and folklore.

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Christian Apologists

Christian Apologists

Ask yourself, why would Christian Apologists exist if there actually was historical evidence for the existence of Jesus Christ? If there were evidence wouldn't people just look to historians, the professional experts of history, for that evidence like we do for everything else? Why the special exception?

Granted, most just assume apologists are trust worthy. What reason would they have to intentionally lie? I wouldn't say all apologists are intentionally lying, some may be simply mistaken. Bigger name apologists on the other hand do have their reasons. Some do it because there is a lot of money to be made telling any religious group what they want to hear. Others want Jesus to be real so badly that they try convincing others to convince themselves. Regardless of the reasons, they do make blatantly dishonest claims.

Take for example Lee Strobel.
Strobel points out that a historian born in 37 CE, named Flavius Josephus, writes about Jesus Christ in his book, "Antiquities of the Jews." He then claims that this is historically documented evidence for the existence of Jesus. Sound convincing? What Strobel always avoids mentioning is that Antiquities is not book about history, it is a collection of religious stories.

If you take the time read Antiquities you will notice that, right in the preface, Josephus specifically tells us that the book is based on religious Hebrew scriptures. You will also notice that Josephus also "documents" God's creation of the earth, Adam & Eve, and the story of Noah's ark in the same book. If Lee Strobel honestly thought Antiquities was historical evidence for Jesus then why doesn't he use it as historical evidence for the creation of the earth?

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