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Below are the 4 most common reasons why people believe in the existence of God. Strangely none of them would be counted as honest reasons to believe that anything else is true, not even by Christians themselves.

Top 4 reasons people believe in God

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1. Where and when a person is born

People commonly believe in the god(s) dictated by the society, culture, and family they are born into. If you were born in the United States you most likely believe in the god of the Bible. If you were born in the United States before it was called the United States, before Europeans brought the Jesus story here, you would most likely believe in the gods Nesaru, Naiyenesgani, or Qawaneca. If you were born in India you most likely believe in Ganesha. If you were born in Denmark or Sweden during modern times you most likely don't believe in a god at all.


2. Lack of knowledge in the sciences

Most Christians don't understand how life and the rest of the universe did or could have formed through natural means. Because of this lack of understanding they assume a human-like being, independent of nature, must have created everything just as we once assumed such a being must have been responsible for throwing down lighting from the sky. If these Christians took the time to study the already established and proven natural origins they wouldn't need to rely on assumptions.


3. Emotional reasons

Christians often view their religion as an emotionally intense relationship and are drawn in by stories of "how much God loves them." They believe in God because they want his love which fills some sort of emotional void/hole in their life. Belief in him can even serve as an alternative to real life love and compassion which takes more effort to come by and sometimes feels unobtainable to some.


4. A lack of appreciation for life

Some Christians believe in God because they assume life has no meaning if they were not created by a god for a specific purpose. They simply have trouble appreciating life as the "window of opportunity" it is, where we are free to seek our own meaning and purpose, and they're too distracted seeking some sort of predetermined instructions. Other Christians believe in God because they think life is meaningless if it is not eternal. These Christians are too blinded by greed to appreciate and be grateful for even the shortest moments in life. All great stories have a final chapter and the stories of our lives are no different nor any less significant because of it.