Apologetics Exposed

Quote Mining

Quotes are very easy to misuse to give a false impression of what an author means. Apologists commonly take quotes out of context so it appears that the experts agree with them. To find out what scientists and historians really say listen to them instead of letting apologists speak for them. Quotes, even in context, should still never be used as a basis of truth. What experts say is not as important as why they say what they say.

The image to the right is from a mobile phone background created by Not Of This World clothing. It quotes Charles Darwin mentioning that it's absurd to think the complex human eye could have evolved naturally. This is a favorite amongst apologists to "prove" that evolution is absurd and that Darwin himself agreed. Apologists however conveniently never mention the text that immediately follows this quote from The Origins of Species.

Darwin mentions the absurdity to point out that no matter how absurd an idea may sound it may still be true. He goes on to explain how the human eye easily could have evolved through natural means and even gives examples of the various intermediate stages which can be seen in organisms living today.