5:1 Living For This Life

This life is the only one we have.

If we're going to live it to its fullest we can't spending it chasing promises of non-existing afterlives. And only when we put aside ancient beliefs in the supernatural can we truly appreciate this natural world we live in.

Only Life We Have

Only Life We Have

This life is not merely a placement testing or waiting room for a later life as Christianity dictates. In reality it is the only life we have, making every second of it that much more precious. And although our life, like all great stories, has an ending the actions we do and decisions we make can live on eternally.

Meaning and Purpose

Meaning and Purpose

Life itself has no purpose, nor should it. Life is a window of time and an opportunity for us to do meaningful things and find purpose. It is up to ourselves to find our own purpose and meaning in life, such things are not predetermined by anyone else. As long as there are problems to be solved, hunger to lessen, illness to cure, pain to minimize, or oppression to resist... there is meaning in life. As long as there are goals to reach, knowledge to gain, beauty to create and appreciate, places to explore, love or dreams to seek after... there is meaning in life.
If you want meaning in your life then simply do something meaningful.

Life's True & Natural Beauty

Life's True & Natural Beauty

We all live in this natural world, one that is created and governed by natural forces. A world without supernatural occurrences, events that go against or break the well known limitations and constants (a.k.a. “laws”) in nature. Because of this we can obviously only learn about this world's true beauty by exploring nature itself. We must acknowledge that supernatural explanations have only provided good stories, not good answers about the world around us.

Despite our wildest imaginations the world we live in is far more awe inspiring and humbling than any of the religious stories our ancient ancestors could conjure up. Take for example the atoms that build up our bodies. The study of nature has taught us that every single one of those atoms in our bodies were originally formed in the furnace of stars. To quote Neil deGrasse Tyson, “We are all connected. To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. And to the rest of the universe, atomically. That's kinda cool.”

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