4:1 History of the Faith

There is nothing more revealing about a story than its history.

If one doubts that Christianity is solely man-made they only need to look at its inconsistent past.

Within the first 400 years of Christianity there were in existence more than 20 gospels, 15 apocalypses, and nearly 50 other religious texts about Jesus.

In some of these texts Jesus didn't die, he took revenge on his enemies, was not human at all, was not god at all, and was a wise teacher instead of a miracle worker. The Gospel of Thomas, attributed to Doubting Thomas, has been discovered in its entirety and contains what is claimed to be direct quotes from Jesus yet it has been left out of the Bible. The Gospel of Peter, Jesus' favorite disciple, says Jesus was silent on the cross and did not feel any pain for he only appeared to be human yet this Gospel was also left out of the Bible. Only a select few of the written gospels made it into the Bible we know today.


If you're a Christian why do you worship the scriptures in the current Bible and not those that are left out?

Do you think the selecting of what books were included and left out from the Bible was divinely guided? Keep in mind that the Bible had a long history of changes before becoming the collection of books that Christians worship today. Entire books have been removed or added during the Bible's history and entire generations of Christians have devoted their faith and lives to earlier versions of the Bible which contained a various different collection of books and teachings. The Bible only became relatively consistent in its current form because of the 15th century invention of the printing press which mass produced copies of the current collection of books.