5:4 Stories of De-Conversion

Questions should be asked


Hi, I'd really like to share a deconversion story. I found your site extremely interesting and I was really relieved to find that other people did think of certain issues in Christianity and the Bible as problematic. Actually, for awhile, I have been thinking that most of what the Bible says is pure tosh, but you know how touchy people are about religion. I usually don't broach the subject because most of my old friends are still 'Christian'. I leave them to their own devices.

I am currently 28 years old. I was brought up in a Baptist church. It was small, and populated by a lot of families and elderly people. I still visit once in awhile. The people there are lovely even though I don't share their religious beliefs. However, when I was in my late teens, I struggled with a difficult break up with my boyfriend (I seriously felt even ashamed that I had one.) I didn't know who to turn to and who should prey on me but a Hillsong like sect. I was introduced through a friend (now ex-friend). Basically, I've always been a really good girl, academic star, obey my parents sort of person- so when I had people telling me that God was calling me to follow them, I believed them. They went on to indoctrinate me with bullshit.

I found my activities being centered around church, and that only they could tell me what God's plan was for my life. They vigorously monitored my life, my thoughts, and who influenced me. They even told me I should listen to them over my parents. Looking back, I can see that it was the work of a mind washed cult trying to manipulate an emotionally vulnerable and hurt 19 year old. I finally decided to leave after 2 years, when I got physically sick and couldn't go to church. I think it was my mind telling me to stay away, and that they were depleting my energy sources. I went through an angry time after that, but I learned that those questions at the tip of my tongue about religion should be asked.

I see so many people, my fellow friends, graduates, business owners, accountants, lawyers, doctors- who are so mindless when they reach the topics of Christianity and religion. I don't think God would give people brains if they weren't to be used. I think it's wonderful that you are writing this stuff, because incomplete and inconsistent information is meant to be disputed. I have heard from so many apologists who try so hard to cover things up - and it shows. I don't think you're insisting you're right - just displaying facts which have been brought to light with historical and scientific evidence. For me, I've observed that apologists usually lash back to protect their crumbling beliefs.

Kind regards,