5:4 Stories of De-Conversion

Less barriers in this world

Arial - Starke, Florida

Your life as a Christian:
(i.g. involvement with your church, religious upbringing, etc.)

I wasn't raised in a particularly religious home, my mother being Wiccan, but I was always taught to be open-minded and kind. Because of this, I was weary of Christianity since so many Christians seemed to be very judgmental. In middle school, I met a youth pastor from a friends church and, seeing how open-minded and kind he was, it inspired me to begin attending. The church I began to attend was full of very kind people, and for around 7 or 8 years I was part of this church. During high school I was very active in the youth group, and I was still very into church during my first two years of college. I went to church camps and conventions and made it to church every week, though as I began college my church attendance lessened.

What Jesus and being a Christian meant to you:
Being a Christian, to me, was about loving others. I was sure that that was what God valued the most, and was able to ignore many other aspects of the bible because of this.

Why you left Christianity behind:
I finally realized that it was basically a con. I realized that the bible was not really "the word of God" and that there was likely not even a God out there. I'd been exposed to more information about the universe that I'd spent years ignoring, and I began to really think about the parts of the bible and Christianity that had always bothered me. I couldn't reconcile a loving God with the same God of the Old Testament, or the same God that allows the magnitude of suffering in this world, or the same God who declares homosexuality as an abomination.

How your life has changed since you de-converted from Christianity:
While I sometimes miss some of the activity of my old church and many of the people and my inclusion in that group, I am so much happier as a non-believer. I feel more confident in myself and I no longer fear the threat of hell for myself or for those I care about. I feel like setting aside Christianity has allowed me to open my heart to others even more and to follow the voice of reason and kindness rather than the mistaken voice of a divine being. (Not that I actually heard voices or anything, just a metaphor!)

What your views are towards Jesus & Christianity now:
Now I am pretty convinced of the possibility that the Jesus we know from the bible never existed, and I am very critical of Christianity and religion all-together.

Are you grateful that you de-converted? Why?
I am very grateful that I de-converted, because I think turning away from religion and towards reason, science, and humanism will be the way to achieve the greatest progress in this world, and the way to unite people across the globe. We need less barriers in this world, and I feel that is all religion acts as.