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Is everything significant about the figure Jesus really that significant?

key points

1. Jesus Died For You

Wrong, Jesus only PRETENDED to die. Any Christian will proudly shout that Jesus died for your sins but if you ask any Christian if Jesus is dead they will say no. In the Bible Jesus is the immortal son of Yahweh, some even think he is Yahweh, he has everlasting life and by his very description cannot die. He cannot and does not. As 1 Peter 3:18-19 states, Jesus was simply made alive in Spirit form instead of flesh & bodily form. During his 3 days of pretending to be dead Jesus was not even sitting around lifeless but he was rather quite productive. He spent the days down in Hades preaching to spirit inmates.


2. Jesus Sacrificed Himself

Wrong, there was no sacrifice. First off, as previously pointed out, Jesus never died and continues to have everlasting life so he never sacrificed his own existence. Jesus also knew he was going to continue to live in paradise a couple days after he pretends to die. Humans who suffer when being crucified suffer both physical pain and in the fear of not knowing what happens to them after life. They don't have the comfort of knowing that something better is next to help them through the pain. Jesus on the other hand already knew there was a heaven and that he eventually would go back there. People who died in war fighting for their country's freedom without the comfort of a promised fortune after death have sacrificed far more than the "Son of God." A cop or firefighter sacrifices far more in a day's work than Jesus did in his entire life.

Jesus was also only on the cross for 3 to 6 hours. It takes a couple days for a person to die on the cross, Jesus only had a tiny sample of the suffering that all the other people who have been crucified have had. The only way his death could have been a sacrifice is if he was not the son of Yahweh (nor Yahweh himself) but rather just a regular person with the ability to sacrifice and loose his life.


3. God Gave His Only Son

Many Christians will preach John 3:16 to show how much Yahweh loves us but they never put any thought into what they are saying. The verse goes like this, "For God [Yahweh] so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." Sounds great, but now lets take a second to think about it. Yahweh has the power to instantly begot as many sons as he desires so him "giving his only son" is really no big deal since it is simply the only son he felt like magically begotting. If you want to be technical and actually read the Bible, King David was Yahweh's FIRST begotten son (Psalms 2:7), Jesus was the second. Regardless, Jesus was made specifically for the purpose of being sacrificed. Yahweh intend on sacrificing him before he even begot him.


4. Believe In Him For Everlasting Life

As noted, the last part of John 3:16 says, "whosoever believeth in him [Jesus] should not perish, but have everlasting life." Everlasting life can be a big deal but what is the big deal about Jesus? Yahweh has the power to give us everlasting life anyway he wants. Having Jesus pretending to die is just one of an infinite amount of ways he could have done this. Besides, why the change of plans? In Genesis 3:22-23 the sole reason Yahweh kicked Adam & Eve out of the garden was specifically so we would NOT eat of the Tree Of Life and NOT have eternal life. Not kicking man out of the Garden of Eden is yet another one of the infinite ways Yahweh could allow us everlasting life without the use of Jesus thus making Jesus worthless.


5. Jesus Did Miracles

And the big deal is? Even Peter walked on water. Although Jesus performed many supernatural miracles they were done through the use of Yahweh's powers. And according to the Bible, on a few occasions such as John 14:12, anyone who believes in Jesus can also perform the miracles he did through the power of Yahweh. Not only that but it said anything that anyone who believes in Jesus asks for in prayer will come true, even supernatural miracles that are greater than those that Jesus did. Jesus was not the ultimate power behind any of his miracles and according to the Bible a lot of people are able to do the same flashy tricks and even better ones.


6. Jesus Fulfilled Prophecies

Yes, according to the stories of Jesus in the New Testament he did perform a large amount of the prophecies predicted in the Old Testament... and the big deal is? Everyone understands that the New Testament stories were written AFTER the Old Testament stories of which the NT writers have read before and were well aware of. It is not that hard to read a story that makes prophecies and then later write a newer story about a person fulfilling these prophecies you just read about.


7. Jesus Saved Our Souls

The entire purpose of Jesus is to save our souls by cleaning them of sin. The entire purpose of a car wash is to wash cars by cleaning them of dirt. If there were no cars then a car wash would be meaningless. In the same manner, if there are no souls then a soul cleanser would be meaningless. As it turns out, there is no such thing as a soul. All attributes once believed to be related to the "soul" such as memory, emotions, personality, and even consciousness are 100% dependent on the physical structure and patterns of the brain and all of which can even be dramatically altered or erased through physical changes to the brain.