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Chick Tract: Are You A Good Person?

Below is a closer look at a popular chick tract from Living Waters exposing their dishonest attempts to guilt you into following them.

chick tract A person is not considered a "liar" unless that person repeatedly lies. Telling a lie on occasion does not mean the person is actually a liar, just as a person who played baseball once as a child would not be considered a "baseball player." Now robbing a bank only once is enough to label a person as a "bank robber" but such descriptive titles are based on frequency AND degree. If a person stole a lot of money from a bank they would be a bank robber, if they stole just a dollar or maybe a pen they would not be charged as a bank robber.

chick tract Again, whether or not a person is considered a thief is based on the extent of their thievery. Stealing a pen will not lead you to being charged as a thief, stealing a TV will.
chick tract This does not, by any means, make you a bad person. It just makes you a person. We are biologically designed to lust after others. If a person thinks lusting after someone is a bad thing then they should be taking it up with the designer, not the design. Humans and other animals have no control over such desires, they were built to have sexual tendencies. Science has proven that natural selection designed us they way we are and that lust is a major evolutionary advantage, obviously, in the game of reproduction. If one wishes to assume that God created/designed life then God is the one to blame for human lust.

Living Waters, and the Bible, falsely act as if lust is a decision that people make. If people could consciously choose who they find physically attractive there would be far less dating sites, if any at all. And despite Jesus' false use of the word adultery, lusting is not the same as adultery.

Adultery is the act of having voluntary sexual intercourse with a person who is married to another. Lust is simply the desire to have sex. Desiring something and doing something are not the same thing. Desiring to be a millionaire does not make you a millionaire, you can't buy a car on desire. And scripturally speaking, you can't just desire to be worthy of going to Heaven, you have to do the deeds to earn it.
chick tract Almost everyone that Living Waters accuses of "taking the lord's name in vain" are 100% innocent. Saying something like "God Dammit" is NOT taking the lord's name in vain because it does not involve the use of the lord's name. God is what the lord is, it is not his name. His name is Yahweh, so only if one said "Yahweh Dammit" would they be taking the lord's name in vain.

The entire reason why Christians today say "God" instead of "Yahweh" is so they WON'T be taking the lord's name in vain. This commandment is from the Jewish belief that one should not say their god's name out loud. This is why Hebrew scriptures say Yahweh (not God or Lord) but in Hebrew verbal traditions they would say "god" instead of their god's name. When scripture was copied to Greek the verbal tradition was accidentally applied to the written words, removing the god's name. Since our English bibles are based on Greek translations the error is included. In reality, what reads as "Don't take the Lord's name in vain" in English Bibles actually reads as "Don't take Yahweh's name in vain" according to scripture.
chick tract Despite what Living Waters dishonestly insinuates, people are not in control of their thoughts. How we act upon our thoughts is what defines us morally and personally. Psalm 44:21 also refers to a person's conscious desires and intents, not his subconscious uncontrollable thoughts.
chick tract The two suspects on the left, according to the Bible, will be accepted into Heaven and considered "good people" by God since they are devote worshipers of Jesus Christ.
chick tract It is true, if you are actually guilty of a crime then asking to "just let it slide" will not make you innocent of your crimes. But do you know what else wont work in court? Asking if someone else *cough* Jesus *cough* can carry out the punishment for your crimes instead of you.
chick tract As this chick tract says, "a GOOD judge would say that justice demands that YOU pay for YOUR crimes." This is very true but since the Bible says that God will allow JESUS to pay for YOUR crimes then Living Waters just admitted that God is NOT a good judge. Finally, we are getting somewhere.
chick tract This is not an act of love. Keep in mind that God can magically create as many sons as he wants. He also committed adultery and created Jesus for the specific purpose of having him sacrificed.
chick tract If Jesus is the immortal son of God (or God himself) and not subject to death then he did not die and thus a sacrifice never occurred. Jesus pretending to die for our sins has less of an impact.
chick tract So you can't earn God's gift but you can also earn God's gift through "humbling" yourself to Jesus? Wow, Living Waters changed their claim in the same sentence. Impressive.
This is what the chick tract SHOULD have looked like...
chick tract