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The question is not why does God allow pain & suffering but rather why did God invent physical pain & suffering in the first place?

Why did God invent pain & suffering?

key points

1. What is pain

Pain is your body's way of sending a warning to your brain via receptor nerve cells. If God created us then he specifically created us with those thousands of receptor cells causing us to feel physical pain. This would be like a car manufacture designing a car that jabs a fork into your face to warn you when you're low on gas instead of simply using a warning light.

The actual reason we feel pain is because our warning system evolved from primitive organisms with brains that could only react to primitive warnings. If we were however designed by God there would be no need for a primitive warning system, like pain, in humans who have brains that can respond to more sophisticated signals.


2. Not needed for morality

Physical pain is not needed for one to understand right and wrong. Our emotions, even the negative ones, are not directly connected to our body's ability to feel physical pain.