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Below are 5 things that would be different if Christians actually took Christianity seriously...

If Christians took Christianity seriously...

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1. They would welcome criticism, not be offended by it

If Christians took Christianity and its claims seriously they would welcome all criticism. Instead, most Christians avoid criticism and commonly take any of it as a personal attack. When faced with criticism they often demand respect as if their claims were suddenly mere personal beliefs or opinions. One shows respect for personal opinions by entitling everyone to their own opinions, but people are not entitled to their own claims. Only claims that are backed by evidence, and have no fear of criticism, are deserving of any respect.

If Christians took Christianity seriously they would spend less time in conversation with worshipers of the same claims and more time seeking objective evaluations of their Biblical claims. They would also hold the claims found in Christianity to the same level of scrutiny as they would with any other set of extraordinary claims.


2. They would not call miracles, miracles

If a person seriously believes in a god that is all powerful then nothing that the god does would be a miracle. One could call God himself a miracle, but not his actions. His actions would only be miraculous if one did not expect him to be capable of such actions. A dog tossing a basketball through a regulation hoop would be pretty miraculous. A professional basketball player being able to toss a basketball through a regulation hoop is not miraculous.

Secondly, Christians would call Biblical miracles what they are, magic. Magic is defined as having supernatural power over natural forces. Everything that is referred to as "miracles" in the Bible (e.g. walking on water, turning water into wine, creating man from dirt) are the exact definition of magic. Most Christians agree that believing in magic is ridiculous so they avoid using the word magic and instead use the word "miracle." However, if they seriously believed in the Biblical claims of magic they would openly admit that they believe in magic.


3. They would never agree to disagree

Have you ever heard a Christian ask, "can't we just agree to disagree?" If they seriously believed that everyone, who doesn't agree with their claims of salvation, would suffer an eternity of torment then they would not think that it's acceptable to "agree to disagree." That is, assuming the Christian in question has a shred of morality. Any Christian who takes Christianity seriously would spend every available moment in discussion with non-Christians for sakes of saving others from eternal torment. Especially if they seriously thought their moments in this life were just a blink in an eternal life.


4. They would not make claims before studying the claims

If Christians took Christianity seriously they would not simply agree with every claim made by the Bible. For example, since the Bible claims how this universe was created most Christians will claim they know how it was created. However, the majority of those Christians will openly admit that they have never studied the origins of the universe. And keep in mind that the Bible does not provide any evince to back its claims. If Christians took Christianity seriously they would allow its claims to be subject to the same healthy skepticism as any other set of claims. They would be more comfortable saying "I don't know" until they have actually taken the time to study and research a claim.


5. They would not turn to apologetics for answers

If Christians took Christianity seriously they would turn to historians or scientists for answers related to history or science instead of turning to Christian apologists to see if Biblical claims are supported by evidence. Turning to Christian apologists is like asking a 14-year-old Jonas Brothers groupie for an honest unbiased critique of the newest Jonas Brothers' album. Discussion topics