Apologetics Exposed

What They Say, But Not What They Mean

Being honest about the words said by scientists while lying about what was actually meant by those words is a common tactic by Apologists. It's so effective because a person can actually check to see that scientists really do say what the apologists say they are saying. However, what it sounds like they mean is not always what is actually meant because certain terminology holds different meaning when used in layman terms. Again it is best to just let the experts speak for themselves instead of letting apologists speak for them.

Just a Theory

Apologists claim that evolution is "just at theory" and therefore is not actually true. In reality evolution is not a theory, it is a scientific fact. The explanation of how evolution occurred is called a theory.

In layman's terms a "theory" is just a hunch or guess. In scientific terms that is called a hypothesis. A theory in scientific terms is a well-substantiated explanation based on lines of evidence that enable valid predictions and have been tested through various means. The "theory of evolution" is the explanation of how life evolved. The "theory of gravity" is the explanation of how gravity works.


When physicists say that "nothing" existed before the Big Bang then mean nothing material. All matter came from energy and before the Big Bang only energy existed. No one knows yet if energy came from something else or if it always existed.

Time & Space

Apologetic Claim: Scientists mention that space and time had a beginning thus there was a point before space and time existed so they had to be created by something that exists outside of space and time, like God.

Time is simply the measurement of movement and the increments of such measurement (e.g. minutes, hours, days) are based off of how long it takes for Earth to move around the sun. During the Big Bang is when everything in our universe was set into motion making the start of motion and thus the start of time in our universe. Space on the other hand is, in simplest terms, the area within a container. Prior to the Big Bang our entire universe was condensed into a tiny fireball but then that ball rapidly expanded creating space within it. When scientists talk about the start of time & space they are talking about the start of movement and the formation of space within our universe, not the start of all time & space. The Big Bang that created our universe is believed to be just one of many Big Bangs that each created separate universes containing time & space.