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Christians are quick to say Jesus loves you but Jesus is said to love everyone. There is nothing significant about being loved by Jesus. Just like a movie review by a critic who gives 5 out of 5 stars to every film, no matter how horrible, Jesus' love is meaningless.

Jesus' love is meaningless

key points

1. What makes love meaningful

Love is meaningful because it is something that one has to earn. Love is defined as a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. If Jesus loves everyone it means his passionate affection towards people is only skin deep. In other words, Jesus just loves people because they are people with no regard to who they are as an individual.


2. A different scenario

Imagine that your boyfriend (or girlfriend) said "I love you" to everyone who walked by. Would it still hold any meaning when he/she repeats those three words to you? Imagine getting a Valentines card that, instead of saying I love you, said "I love everyone."