5:4 Stories of De-Conversion

You can't rely on God

Felix - UK

Your life as a Christian:
My family isn't particularly religious but I've only been to Catholic schools all my life.

What Jesus and being a Christian meant to you:
I grew up thinking God's existence was just a common fact of life.

Why you left Christianity behind:
Last year I began to rely on God for help because I was being bullied but he never answered my prayers, and over time I began to realize how unlikely God existing really is.

How your life has changed since you de-converted from Christianity:
I have realized my full potential of what I can truly achieve. When I was a Christian I felt that I needed to pray to God or else I wouldn't be able to achieve certain things but now that I realize I did them myself my self-esteem improved!

What your views are towards Jesus & Christianity now:
I feel the human race on a whole needs to finally admit that there is no God out there. We are going through so many global issues that we need to start relying on ourselves rather than God to fix our troubles.

Are you grateful that you de-converted? Why?
I am really glad I've realized God's not real. Christianity made me worry so much and at times I tried converting my friends and family because the thought of my loved ones going to Hell freaked me out.