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About T:S

Truth-Saves was created with one goal in mind, the sharing of research and knowledge.

I first started studying Christianity in 2006, at age 27, when wanting to learn more about the buzz over Intelligent Design and evolution. After learning that none of the ID claims were valid I decided to see what motived ID proponents to make such blatantly (when researched) false claims. From there I continued to research about other conflicts fueled by Christianity and the religion its self. Since then I built this website as a means to share the knowledge gained from my constant and continuous research because it became apparent that most people, particularly Christians, are not aware of such information.

Joseph R Hanson - Truth-Saves


What is truth?

Truth is defined as conformity with fact or reality. What is defined as truth is based on the most current available evidence and facts, not personal opinions, traditions, or authority. This site never claims "absolute truth" and its work is always checked and rechecked to ensure the most accurate content.

Why religion?

This site is not against religion, most religions are beautiful and helpful. This site is only against dogmatic systems. Christianity happens to be a religion AND a dogma, it is both a system of beliefs and a system of claims. It is not the religious side of Christianity that this site is concerned about.

Why the focus on Christianity?

There are three major dogmatic systems causing serious issues that need immediate attention: Christianity, Islam, and the government of North Korea. This site focuses on Christianity because people have no right standing up to other dogmatic systems until they first stand up to the one in their own backyard.

I also don't have the time to research and stand up to all three major dogmatic systems so I chose the one most relevant where I live. I'm not "singling out" Christianity any more than Lance Armstrong "singles out" cancer instead of taking a stand against all genetic disorders.

How much money does T:S make?

This site is non-profit. No money is made by this site., who host the T:S store, does require a minimal mark up on all products but that is only collected as credit on to order promotional products for promoting this site.

Is T:S biased?

This site may appear biased because in only focused on topics that are typically not known by the general public but the site is not biased and there is no hidden agenda.

What are your sources?

A great deal of information on this site is the result of several years of research. Although the sources are not always listed they include a large variety of leading websites, magazine, books, and documentaries. All information is continuously checked to see what the critics say and to look at the evidence presented by all sides.

Why are most of your sources not posted?

I feel that listing sources commonly prevents people from doing additional research. Instead of being concerned with why something is said they tend to be concerned with who said it. No matter what source says something, it is only their reasoning for saying what they said which holds credibility, not their name.

I highly encourage everyone to question any source of information, including this site, and do some of their own researching. If a person or website cites a source make sure to also research the claims made by the source and never stop skeptical inquiry.